[SWLUG] Poster for Talks

swlug swlug at alicious.com
Mon Mar 17 14:00:40 UTC 2008

Just a couple of points about the recent poster.

I do some graphic design (for web and for flyers, posters etc. for our 
pottery business <http://www.barefoot-ceramics.co.uk/>) and I'm sure 
there are actually trained graphic designers / artists on here?

The poster is very CLI (for want of a better description). I wouldn't 
want to see it over designed (aero!) but some use of colour and contrast 
and some distinctive fonts wouldn't go a miss.

Perhaps a call could be made to make a general poster for SWLUG events 
with space for the specifics and maybe a logo for whether it's lightning 
talk / pub meet / installfest. I'd recommend Inkscape 
<http://www.inkscape.org> (it can output to PNG, PS, PDF, etc.). That 
way the stock poster could be used, easily edited for new events.

Does the SWLUG have a header for letters and the like?

Just FWIW.
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