[SWLUG] Technical Meeting Announcement and Call for Papers/Talks

Paul Connell swlug at paulconnell.fastmail.fm
Wed Apr 8 19:16:04 UTC 2009


I'm more than ready to jump into the breech - I've got a presentation
all ready and lined up - although I've not got the hang of whizzy
transitions - I assume you'll have a full sound system so I can get my
slides to 'ping' and 'swoosh' into place?

I would add to the wiki but have not a clue how to use it - most
unfriendly piece of software - so I resorted to the next least worst
thing - mailing list.

Paul Connell

Matthew Moore wrote:
> Surely someone wants to do a talk?
> I've also put up directions to the meeting house.  I've just added it to
> the Swansea page.
> If people don't start volunteering you're just going to have Paul's
> talk, which I'll leave as a special surprise for you all.
> Cheers,
> Matt
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