[SWLUG] Technical Meeting Announcement and Call for Papers/Talks

Carwyn Edwards hovercraft.eel at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 14:52:50 UTC 2009

Perhaps I coould do a talk on something security wise? About the DNS
bug that was big a while back, or a tool like Kismet?

2009/4/9 P.G. Richardson <p.g.richardson at phantomjinx.co.uk>:
>> Paul Connell wrote:
>>> Matthew,
>>> I'm more than ready to jump into the breech - I've got a presentation
>>> all ready and lined up - although I've not got the hang of whizzy
>>> transitions - I assume you'll have a full sound system so I can get my
>>> slides to 'ping' and 'swoosh' into place?
>>> I would add to the wiki but have not a clue how to use it - most
>>> unfriendly piece of software - so I resorted to the next least worst
>>> thing - mailing list.
>>> Paul Connell
>> Heh.  Well to be honest I'm not 100% I'm going to have a projector, but
>> I have two leads on that front, so we'll see.
>> So far we've got 1 talk 100% confirmed and 2 others which I'm just
>> waiting on a final call on topics before I put them down.  Also, to show
>> people how not to do it I plan on doing a short talk on summat.
>> Just to clarify a few things and hopefully tempt a few more of you into
>> talking, I'd like to stress the following:
>> I'd mentioned filming some talks, that is not at all certain as I've got
>> to borrow a DV camera.  If it does go ahead and you don't want to be
>> filmed, I won't film you, it's not an issue and I won't hold anything
>> against you.
>> The audience is a wide one so all and any subjects are welcome.  Don't
>> worry if you don't think it's suitable, the more the merrier.  Length
>> wise you can do a 5 minute lightning talk (if a few people want to do
>> them, I'll put them all together) all they way up to 30 mins or more,
>> just let me know what you want to do.
>> If you're stuck for subjects here are some ideas:
>> Hardware project write-up/how-to: got a mythTV box?  built and run your
>> own server?  run some squid boxes, got a beagle board?  Do a talk on
>> what you did and how you did it, round up with a list of pros/cons,
>> prices and how you'd do it better
>> Linux/Unix news: Do you follow all the technical blogs and mailing
>> lists?  Know what new and interesting developments are coming up over
>> the next 6 months in the kernel/filesystems/distros/xorg/programming
>> languages etc etc, then do a talk, keep us all informed!
>> Program overviews:  Know loads about a certain program?  Think it's a
>> killer app?  Share your knowledge with us!
>> Programming/Web Dev:  anything really, intros to languages, ideas on
>> cool programs you can do with new features, installing cool web apps,
>> themeing stuff.
>> Graphics and music:  GIMP guru?  great with jokosher?  show us how with
>> a short tutorial on creative stuffs.
>> Hopefully that'll get some of you thinking.
>> Projector - I'm still looking for one, please can you email me direct if
>> you can help.
>> Posters - I'm not that fussed, but will probably knock up one over the
>> weekend.  Unless someone else wants to help?  Pretty please?
>> Finally, does anyone have any experience of keysigning parties?  I'd
>> really like to hold one at this meeting, but I've no idea how so if
>> someone can step up and help out.
>> I'll have a rough schedule up soonish.
> Oddly enough I looked up key signing last night and this seems an
> excellent HOWTO -> http://linuxreviews.org/howtos/gnupg/signingparty/
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