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Wed May 20 23:57:58 UTC 2009

Geraint Edwards wrote:
> swlug <swlug at alicious.com> said
> 		(on Wed, May 20, 2009 at 11:19:34PM +0100):
>> I'm looking to co-locate some servers (up to five 1U servers). Can anyone
>> recommend anywhere in south Wales or south-west England?
> Keith Edmunds wrote:
>> http://www.google.co.uk/search?q="Cardiff+Bay+International+Data+Centre" 
> We (www.bayhosting.co.uk) used to offer colo in Cardiff's DC, but never hit
> the sales needed to make it sustainable (our costs were a major factor - it
> was a BT monopoly).  Cardiff's DC is now full, and no longer has colo that
> I am aware of.
You need to update your website then, eg 
http://www.bayhosting.co.uk/hosting/facilities.php, as it claims that 
Cardiff is one of your main sites and offers rackspace and other 
solutions in a Cardiff data centre.

Also found CSS Leeds, http://www.ccsleeds.co.uk/cardiff.html, which 
/appears/ to offer Cardiff DC rackspace.
> There has been a new DC mooted nearer Newport (at the old LG plant), called
> NGD1.  It was originally to have opened in Q3 last year, but I've not heard
> that they've opened yet.  Watch this space.
You could fit all the servers in the UK in that building, it's huge.

Incidentally the quoted Google search above was me and I'm not Keith ...?


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