[SWLUG] website upgrade

Paul Connell swlug at paulconnell.fastmail.fm
Fri May 29 11:27:44 UTC 2009

I think we would benefit from a good quality forum - mailing lists fail
at threading (well, most do) - and IRC is too transitory.  A good forum
would fit well between the two extremes (IMHO).

On Fri, 29 May 2009 11:13 +0100, "Vladimir Zlatanov" <vlado at dikini.net>
> > I suppose Drupal might be a bit more fluid and have more features, but it's
> > finding someone who can be arsed to actually set it up.
> > 
> > I also thought we considered it the last time and didn't use it for some
> > reason...
> I can do that. Setting it up is not a problem. Migrating existing
> content might be. If there is definite interest I could do it.
> Using drupal could be justified if we want more from the website. For
> example - better integrate the planet (is it working now) or have
> forums/discussions (I doubt it is needed, but just an example).
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