[SWLUG] Linux support for a visually impaired pensioner?

Anthony Sales tony.sales at rncb.ac.uk
Fri May 29 12:42:47 UTC 2009

Hi My name is Tony Sales and I work at the RNCB in Hereford. I have received
a telephone call from a 90 year old pensioner in the Carmarthen area
(Pwllheli) who is visually impaired and would like to try Linux -
specifically Vinux - a remaster of Ubuntu for visually impaired users which
has been developed at the College. He is interested in Vinux because he has
heard that it is free, fully accessible and very secure. He wants to buy a
computer and go on the internet etc. The question is this: Would anyone in
the local LUG group be prepared to help him buy and setup a Linux system, get
him online and then provide occasional Linux support when necessary, he does
seem to be very lucid and technically competent (engineering background?),
although he has never used a computer before. I can provide some
online/telephone support for any accessibility issues, although as Vinux is
based on Ubuntu it is very easy to install and the accessibility software has
already been configured and enabled etc. If this is not possible then I will
probably reluctantly recommend that he pays the money for Windows as he will
be at least be able to get support for this easily, although it will be a lot
more expensive etc. Hope to hear from you soon.

Dr.Anthony Sales

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