[SWLUG] website upgrade

Vladimir Zlatanov vlado at dikini.net
Fri May 29 15:49:46 UTC 2009

> I think they compliment each other rather than thinking one is better
> than the other.  If you look at most projects you will typically see
> an IRC channel devoted to the project and/or mailing list too.

We could use a log bot for archiving interesting stuff off irc. If there 
is nothing readily available it won't be difficult to piece together.

> So, I think it's a positive step for something new, still stick with
> the list and the IRC though.  All forms of communication are positive.

the list is the most useful feature of the lug, even from a lurker's
point of view. irc is close second, well my experience from various
projects I happen to get involved in.

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