[SWLUG] Amarok no longer seeing the CD - Kubuntu 9

Stephen stephanos at writeme.com
Sat May 30 22:41:22 UTC 2009

Dear All

After I insert an audio CD, Device Notifier identifies the CD as 
"Volume".  When I select this I get three options:
1 Extract Digital Audio with K3b
2 Open Audio CD in Dolphin
3 Do nothing

If I chose no 2 then Dolphin mounts the CD and creates what I think is a 
virtual folder.  I think it is virtual as I cannot see this folder as a 
mount point in the file structure.  It is called "audiocd" and it has 
has sub folders of CDA and Full CD etc.  I cannot see this folder in 
Konqueror either.

Amarok o longer starts up as a result of entering an audio CD.  Nor can 
I browse the CD in Amaork as audiocd is no where to be found.  When I 
press Amarok > Play Media the folder dialogue window appears but 
"audiocd" is no where to be found.

Even if I right click on one of the tracks shown in the Dolphin view and 
select "Open with" > Amarok, Amarok does not play the track, not even if 
I press play.

Recently I have upgraded for 8.10 to 9.  I am not sure what is going on 
but to have lost functionality is a pain.  Any help appreciated.


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