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Michael Johnson michael.555 at programmer.net
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Are one of the servers still available?


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Hi All,
I decided to have a clean out.

The following is available at no charge, but you must be willing to
collect from east Cardiff.

1) 2x Compaq DL380R01  2u Rack servers.
These are both dual processor P3s.  One has 512mb RAM, the other 384.
Both have "remote insight" boards, which I think is a predecessor to
IPMI?  It allows you to do KVM over IP using a built in webserver and
a (nasty) java applet.
One has 4x 18GB SCSI disks, one of which I think has failed.
The other has 2x 9GB SCSI disks.
There are enough SCSI controllers to sink a small ship.
They both take redundant power supplies, but only 3 are present.
Both need reconfiguration, so no OS is present.
-Note, these are not suitable for home use, unless you have a garage
to put them in. They are physically large, and generate lots of
noise+heat.  They are pretty power hungry as well.

2) IBM Thinkpad 365XD.
120mhz 24MB RAM... 1GB Disk.
This was my DNS server for a couple of years. Now it's CMOS battery
has failed, so presents error 173-163 on boot, but then boots ok.
Won't boot from its internal CD drive, but has an external floppy
drive with "smart boot manager" floppy which will boot a CD for you.
Main problem with this is that Debian Etch ISOs are hard to come by,
and Lenny requires 28MB RAM to install.
You'll need a PCMCIA NIC.
Currently has Damn Small Linux 4 on it. The DSL live CD could be used
as an attack vector for installing Debian Lenny, using debootstrap

3) Apple iBook G3 12"
700mhz 128mb RAM.  20GB disk.
Knackered logic board, which means graphics don't work (on the panel,
or via attached monitor). This is a known problem[2] with these G3
iBooks. This particular iBook has the symptoms "Video freeze" or
"Computer starts up to blank screen" depending on how lucky you are.
Apart from graphics issues, it works fine. I have installed a fresh
copy of  OSX10.4 with DHCP client, SSHD and VNC Server configured, so
you shouldn't need to use the built in graphics. Works with the gnome
VNC client vinagre, but not with xtightvnc.
It has an "airport" card but doesn't support WPA.
Unfortunately PSU is not included.

4) Linksys WAP11 v2.6,  no PSU, no WPA.

Enough of my rambling, any takers?

Moderators: Apologies if this type of posted is discouraged, my
rationale is that LUG members would probably be able to make better
use of old hardware than freecyclers... (which is the next port of
call if anything isn't taken.)

Hugh Saunders


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