[SWLUG] SWLUG Technical Meeting Round-up 2009

Matthew Moore matt at matthewmoore.org.uk
Sat Nov 28 08:33:01 UTC 2009

I've just posted up a short summary of the tech meets for this year on 
the website:


I'd like people to consider and give opinion on the final part of the 

For next year I don't intend on changing the format that much.  The 
talks will still be held on a Sunday evening and I'm planning on doing 4 
talks in 2010.  I think that spacing them out will mean more speakers, 
which means better value for money for people and they'll be much more 
worthwhile as a result.  I have been putting serious consideration into 
running a talk at Cardiff and Carmarthen as well as two at Swansea.


Also, has everyone been happy with the way I've been running the 
meetings?  No one seems to say much other than 'thanks' on the night, so 
I'm guessing there are no major concerns, but I'd appreciate any 
constructive criticism.

Finally, I appreciate that I was late to the last one and I'm sorry that 
cocked things up a bit.  Big thanks to Telsa for letting everyone in. 
I'll do my best to make sure that doesn't happen again.

As I mentioned at the last one, if you do have any comments, pipe up. 
Otherwise I'll assume I'm doing a good job and I'll just go ahead and 
organise it all.



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