[SWLUG] Tech Talks: Round 2

Matthew Moore matt at matthewmoore.org.uk
Tue Aug 10 20:24:05 UTC 2010


I've been thinking about running a few more talks over the autumn/winter 
period.  Would any one be interested in coming to two, maybe three 
talks?  Probably one in October/November and then one in Feb/March and I 
reckon that the Swansea Quaker Meeting house is a decent venue.  Also 
there isn't currently a Swansea meeting so it'd be good to do stuff there.

I know there are a couple of people out there with talks that they had 
said they'd do, I know who you are and I'll find you!

So any takers?  Anyone going to respond to this email?  Even if you're 
only going to say 'yeah, I'd like you to run a talk'.



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