[SWLUG] Cardiff Meeting this Wednesday

Matthew Moore matt at matthewmoore.org.uk
Wed Feb 2 08:13:23 UTC 2011

> So who's coming along on Wednesday?  I have a pass and I'll be there.  I
> saw a couple of people on IRC were talking about coming along.  I'm
> planning on coming straight from work, so I'll be upstairs in Central Bar
> from about 6pm.  I'll try to remember to bring my penguin this time.  Also
> I'll try and get my phone on IRC so if you're struggling to find us, then
> ask on IRC.

So who's coming along?  I'm still planning on being there for 1800/1830. 
I can't yet find my penguin, but I'll try and have something, either a
penguin, a suitable book or magazine.  Failing that I'm hoping to be on
IRC.  My nick is Brace.  If you're new and planning on coming along, let
me know and you can have my mobile number if that makes finding us easier.



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