[SWLUG] firewall bandwith shaping

bascule asura at theexcession.co.uk
Wed May 2 16:24:15 UTC 2012

with my ipcop firewall hardware apparently failing this isn't a bad time to 
address an idea i've been mulling for some time.
later in the year virgin (censoring bastards) will be trebling my speed and i 
thought that since i'm happy with my current speed i'd let my house mates 
connect wirelessly through the firewall, however i'm keen to ensure that i 
still get the full 10mbs i currently get no matter what the others may be 
doing and also that no matter what i might do they get some minimum like 2 mbs 
so that i don't get frequent complaints :)

i believe that this is called bandwith shaping but i'm not sure what 
firewall/router software i should look at for this.
i'm open to suggestions, as far as i can see ipcop only allows to throttle for 
certain activity not guarantee bandwith.

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