[Swlug] Of interest to Linux Foundation members

Mark Einon mark.einon at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 21:42:33 UTC 2015


This may be of interest, especially if you're a member of the Linux Foundation (LF).

It appears that the main interest of the LF is to their corporate members
(which is what a US based Foundation is legally bound to do), not Linux itself
...which has resulted in the following situation discussed in the link.


The TL;DR facts are, from which you can draw your own conclusions:

* The Linux Foundation has withdrawn financial support from the Software
Freedom Conservancy (SFC)

* The SFC, which is one of the few organisations that fight legally for GPL
compliance, is currently involved in a lawsuit against VMware regarding their
alleged Linux GPL non-compliance

* VMware is a corporate member of the Linux Foundation

Suffice to say, I'm no longer a LF member.


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