[Thanet] JOB: Contract PHP/ MySQL Developer

jt jt at camalyn.org
Sat Jun 6 11:56:47 UTC 2009


I am looking for a PHP/MySQL Developer for a minimum 3 month contract in

Our customer is a media company that provides development, website
design, marketing and hosting.

You should have a structured approach to programming and knowledge of
working with large web applications.  Needless to say, strong oo
background and xml, MySQL, XHTML, W3C and CSS.

Please e-mail me using james at camalyn.org and advise of your cost to our

Thanks JAMES

. . . . . .

James Tobin

+44 (0) 7952 145 127 - mobile

to learn more about Camalyn please visit http://www.camalyn.org

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