[Wiltshire] Swindon wi-fi hotspots

David Fletcher dave at thefletchers.net
Tue Apr 22 13:52:18 BST 2008

At 12:34 22/04/2008, you wrote:
>List of 92 here,
>Haven't tried any of the pubs but logic says a few must work.

I was talking about free WiFi.

Wetherspoons claims to operate free WiFi in its pubs, but my 
experience from Saturday, of taking in a laptop and trying it, and 
finding that it's not working, and talking to the staff, would 
indicate that the normal situation is that it doesn't work.

As for the Woodland's Edge for which the survey above claims seven 
providers, I was in there with my laptop last night. There were two 
cloud connections, which are pay to use, and two private networks 
both WPA encrypted, so no free WiFi there.


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