[Wiltshire] OT: Tolerance vs. PC [Was: Meeting place]

Andrew Meredith andrew at anvil.org
Mon Apr 28 14:09:01 BST 2008

David Fletcher wrote:
> And using Linux - until every computer is powered by wind turbines or 
> solar panels they will be causing CO2 emissions too.

Depends which side of the CO2 is killing us debate you might stand.

Either way, I was talking about particulates, SO2 and the rest. More 
toxic crap per tank than a smoker could hope to exhale in a year.

 > So what we need is a video conference link installed at the pub
 > so that smokers can join in the LUG meetings.

Again a twist to suit your line. I wasn't talking about the LUG 
meetings, those would of course be in a non-smoking environment.


Matt wrote:
 > Come on people, your just getting silly now. There is no
 > scientificily proven link, only sanctimonious superstition and
 > media led crusades.


 > Why ask Roy Castle's wife ? Is she a scientific expert ? Or
 > perhaps her vision is clouded by emotional loss and the need
 > to blame.

It could also be argued that Mr Castle frequented venues so thick with 
smoke that he might just as well have lit up himself. I used the words 
"mild to medium exposure" advisedly.

There is also very little that can be done to separate the effect of 
intermittent "mild to medium exposure" to baccy smoke from the constant 
day and night, inside and out, exposure to the run of the mill 
pollutants from engines and factories.

 > Ive been a lurker on this list for a while, at least now you have
 > helped me make the decision that i really do NOT want to come along
 > to a meet and see you people in the flesh.

I'm sorry to hear that. Given your comment about "sanctimonious 
superstition and media led crusades", it sounds like you might harbour 
the same deep suspicions about these things that I do. We could probably 
have had quite an interesting conversation.


Michael Da Cova wrote:
 > I will second that and may even remove myself from this list as
 > I understand it to be a Linux User Group

In my defence, the mail was titled as OT .. "Off Topic".


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