[Wiltshire] Meeting place

Ciemon Dunville ciemon at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 06:18:32 BST 2008

On 28/04/2008, David Fletcher <dave at thefletchers.net> wrote:
> When I suggested a couple of years back that we move to O'Neill's,

Dave, I personally have issues with pubs, and the current meet. Having
it at 9pm in a pub excludes many potential participants.

It makes no allowance for those that don't like pubs, those that don't
want to be in Swindon so late at night, those that must use public
transport, those that are young and can't legally enter pubs. As Pete
says, it's also a long way for a lot of us to travel.

Bearing in mind the 30 or so punters that went to the demo day, it
seems there is a fair amount of interest in the area, and having a
meeting that's more accessible would be a good idea.

I wonder if there are any other thoughts on this?


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