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Jim Avery jim at jimavery.me.uk
Thu Feb 14 09:58:48 GMT 2008

On 14/02/2008, Andrew Meredith <andrew at anvil.org> wrote:

>  And there's me thinking that Wiltshire was the sole county in the whole
>  of this fair land that didn't do Linux :)
>  So this leads me to another question .. how many of you folks are within
>  striking distance of Chippenham .. and who would like to meet up every
>  now and then ?

I'm in Corsham, so would be glad to meet up this side of the M4.
There's a new group called Wiltshire Computer User Group just getting
started near here.  It's about computing in general (not just Linux) -
at least two of us are Linux advocates though.  It was started and the
site is run by a chap called Henry Tarling in Calne so we tend to meet
around the Chippenham area anyway.  We'll be meeting informally at
Chapel etc, in Corsham on Saturday 23rd Feb at 1.00pm for lunch (or a
bit later if you don't fancy eating).  I'll be bringing along my new
ASUS Eee and might talk about using Open2300 to get data from a
weather station (if I get it up and running again by then).  Chapel
etc, has free Wi-Fi and a couple of power points we can use.

The web site is at http://www.wcug.co.uk/

Thanks for getting the list going again - much appreciated.


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