[Wiltshire] LUG spring cleaning

Ciemon Dunville ciemon at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 12:01:07 GMT 2008

On 18/02/2008, Lashley, Malcolm <mlashley at sonusnet.com> wrote:
> It's all about the content - if we have stuff to put up - e.g. details
> for proposed meet in Chippenham, advert for Ubuntu demo day - then
> update the page. I don't see what else would need to go up there,
> certainly don't feel it needs the overhead of CMS or wiki.

I agree, it is about the content. The website is the face of the LUG,
and in my opinion, it's flat, old and could be a lot more appealing
and informative.

Anyone looking at the LUG should get a feel for what the group is
about, what it does, who are the people, what do they get up to when
they meet, news, information etc etc.

What overheads would a CMS or wiki bring that aren't easily managed by
a few willing and interested people?


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