[Wiltshire] LUG spring cleaning

Andrew Meredith andrew at anvil.org
Mon Feb 18 13:57:57 GMT 2008

Ciemon Dunville wrote:
> Hi all,
> As things seem to be picking up, I wonder if there's a need to update
> the website and make it a bit more dynamic, up-to-date and topical?
> There are a number of ways to go. Leave it, change it for a wiki, or
> change it for something like Drupal.
> Anyone have any thoughts?

Sorry folks, but I would vote for Drupal way ahead of a Wiki/Google mix.

The setup is pretty straightforward and you can then use a wealth of 
tools and features with nothing else to do. You also get to keep all the 
traffic within the one site and don't have to keep several different 
version streams of APIs in sync. You don't expose the users to potential 
"Data Reuse" or security leaks by the various other site owners. You 
don't require people to get another account that they don't necessarily 

In theory Wikis are great, but in practice they do get vandalised. The 
difference is I suppose, if a static or Drupal powered site is inactive 
for a bit, the information gets old. If a Wiki isn't attended to for a 
bit, the information gets vandalised. I would suggest that the former is 
a safer way to go wrt to the face/egg interface.

Hey :) Ask 10 Linux Geeks for an opinion, you'll get 20 ;)

Andy M


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