[Wiltshire] Libstdc++ versions

Richard Price richardprice at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 12:38:42 GMT 2008

> Probably not a wise idea as they are from different versions of GCC,  and
>  some changes they make are not binary compatible,  I'm not sure if that
>  include 2.96 to 3.2,  but I remember they're being issues with the v3
>  branch originally.


>  from a quick search, the best thing to do is emerging lib-compat

Thanks, but at this precise moment in time I do *not* want to emerge
anything - I have only recently taken over this box and I know for a
fact that it hasnt had a sync done on it in 3 years, so god only knows
what will break.

Oh well!

Thanks for the effort though!


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