[Wiltshire] SATA and Motherboards [Was: On the borrow]

Simon Iremonger wiltslug at iremonger.me.uk
Wed Oct 8 08:11:43 UTC 2008

> Greg Browne wrote:
>> It is not unknown for a faulty HDD to write off a motherboard. I've
>> done it! Greg
> With PATA, certainly, I've done it too.
I wouldn't be suprised.  PATA is a parallel bus originally linked to
   the AT-bus by a simple address-decode/buffer (ISA bus reduced to
   40 wires).  These days its' usually directly into the South-Bridge
   chip.  I'm not suprised that it can break important parts ;-).

> Has anyone had a SATA disk blow a motherboard? I ask as I was
> under the impression that it couldn't do that any more.
I guess its' more likely that it would now, blow the serial
   I/O driver for the relevant SATA port and not-so-likely
   actually blow the whole controller/IC...  I guess it
   really depends on the nature of the fault and the
   protection (or lac of).

Indeed I have a laptop here, where the SATA port (for hdd)
   does not work, but the PATA CD drive connection is fine.

The SATA hdd that was in it, is fine, once it was re-written

> Andy M

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