[Wiltshire] Mythical WiFi

Philip McGaw Philip at McGaw.eu
Mon Sep 22 23:04:53 UTC 2008

I will take my iPod tommorow; but if we all buy you a beer, wont you end up
on your face/back? 

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I've been making a damn nuisance of myself to J D Wetherspoon again, letter

I'm not going to be smug at this stage, but I did ask my son to take his PSP
to town with him last Saturday to check for any WiFi from outside the Sir
Daniel's. He says there is now one called "The Cloud" with a nice big
signal, that wasn't there before.

I'm intending to take my laptop into town this Saturday and check it out. If
anybody just happens to be passing by before then with some sort of portable
device, it would be good to know if it's working.

If it's working for the next meeting, you can all buy me beer.



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