[Wiltshire] Wiltshire sure is big

David Fletcher dave at thefletchers.net
Tue Apr 28 08:23:41 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 28 April 2009 00:07:36 daveg at boavon.plus.com wrote:
> I'm glad to hear the Swindon Library event went Ok.  I agree with the
> correspondent who mentioned the size of the county.  Why is it that every
> place seems to be a minimum of 7 miles from every other place? :)
> I live just outside Trowbridge and I could not really commit to a monthly
> meeting in Swindon - but would really like to meet fellow linux
> trailblazers.  Anyone know whether Bath has a lug?  Is there enough
> interest to start a West, North or South Wilts LUG?
> DaveG

Yes it is a long way to travel.

Why don't you see if anybody else is in your area?

What I always think is, if you look in WH Smith you will find reasonable 
numbers of copies of Linux magazines, often placed in front of the windoze 
stuff. Last time I looked the large Tesco on Ocotal Way was stocking one of 
them too. My reasoning is, if people were not buying the magazines then the 
shops would not continue to stock them, and the magazines would not sell 
unless people were running Linux. Therefore, there's loads of people running 
Linux computers in every town.

So, does anybody want to start coordinating some meetings in Trowbridge with 
Dave G?

Dave F

As an afterthought, I did a little Google search and found
Maybe give them a call and see if anybody wants to start something up?

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