[Wiltshire] Formatting a USB portable hard drive for Linux

Greg Browne greg.browne at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 13:09:18 UTC 2009

I've used an external USB drive for a long time, with a small win32
partition and two ext3, for use on gOS (Ubuntu), Mac and XP for the same
reasons that you give. This is because I move around a bit, and use two or
three static desktop computers, so the data moves with me.

 The only strange thing I find is that sometimes Ubuntu will mount one
partiton as "disk" another as "disk-1" etc then next time, it will change
the order. That might not present a problem to most people, but I use
programmes such as Picasa with photos on the disk and thunderbird with
signature files. So if the partition names are swapped over, these
programmes cannot find the files and have to be reset. There seems no reason
for the change - completely random, although i'm sure that someone will know
why this happens. Greg
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