[Wiltshire] Privacy registering for council's wifi?

Mark Pope mark.orchardgroveit at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 16 07:09:09 UTC 2010

You could lie, but it would probably do you no good. Having looked at 
the site, I don't think that what they are asking for is unreasonable. 
Name, address, postcode, email address and telephone number is hardly 
excessive IMHO.
Presumably, each user will have their own credentials for connecting to 
the network whether they are using the free or paid-for services, so at 
the very least, they need your details to set that up and send you the 
Finally, it's a commercial venture and they will want to sell 
value-added services, so will need to have names,addresses to bill against.

If it bothers you, then don't sign up. Simples!

Grinch will be the name of someone's network in your vicinity. I often 
see half a dozen or more networks out there. Mostly secured it has to be 

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Lugo Teehalt wrote:
> Know nothing about this sort of stuff.
> Thought about registering for Swindon council's free-ish-ish wifi broadband.  So went to the site where you register:  http://www.getsignal.co.uk/register  .  It asks for name rank and serial number.
> Don't like it when they do that.  After all if I can pick the wireless thing up, which incidentally I can't, I must be a citizen.
> Any thoughts perhaps?  Could one lie to them?
> By the way, what is 'Grinch' which comes up on my wifi spotter?
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