[Wiltshire] Open Street Map

David Fletcher dave at thefletchers.net
Sat Aug 27 16:35:08 UTC 2011

I'm wondering, does anybody here contribute to this project?

I appear to have managed to place a POI in the database, but not to the
accuracy I anticipated would be easy to achieve, i.e. by entering into
the node the coordinates from the GPS receiver.

But what is really annoying me is, I can take a track from my receiver
and get it to upload, but does it to display on the map? Does it heck!
There must be further steps that I need to perform to complete the job
but somehow I just don't "get it".

I've taken the UK mapping file and put it into my Garmin, and the result
is very impressive indeed, so I'd really like to be able to make a
positive contribution by adding some of the footpaths around these parts
which are not yet mapped.

If anybody can show me on a computer how to complete these steps,
gratitude will be expressed - probably in the form of beer or other


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