[Wiltshire] CDROM permission in ubuntu.

John Larkworthy john_larkworthy at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 17 21:31:01 UTC 2011

Hi guys,

This is a bit embarrassed to admit I don't know how this works but I don't.

Up until recently one of our systems would simply open a CDROM when it was 
inserted in the drive.
It does not now - with no apparent changes of configuration - instead a popup 
appears on the desktop showing a stop sign - titled 'Error' - message 'Not 
Authorized' and an OK button to dismiss.

If I use the file manager and explore 'computer' I can see the disk in the drive 
but it is not mounted. Selecting 'mount' using the right button menu results in 
the above error dialogue appearing.

I think a configuration file has been corrupted due to either unexpected power 
cycling or a character being inserted in the wrong file,  when trying to recover 
the screen from the screen saver.

Any suggestions?



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