[Wiltshire] CDROM permission in ubuntu

John Larkworthy john_larkworthy at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Feb 18 12:41:44 UTC 2011

Hi Guys, 

Thanks for the all replies.

The disk can be mounted manually as root. dmesg shows no indication that the 
media has changed in the CDROM. Live boot from CD might be worth trying to 
verify the drive is working well.

The fstab does not contain any mount information that should have been created 
by the udev scripts.  Nor is the mount point being created in /media as it 

Security Hardening: This is a recent feature of the system (worked on Monday not 
Wednesday) so a security feature may have been turned on in error but I don't 
know how it could have happened. I know that the command bar gets moved all over 
the system because the user is impatient when clearing the screen saver by 
moving the mouse, clicking the mouse, dragging things around with the mouse. 

File corruption: Given the desktop get corrupted I am assuming something similar 
has happened to one of the critical udev scripts.

Permissions check: The user is reported to be in the CDROM group. I will check 
for storage and optical as well but I think Ubuntu uses the cdrom group to 
provide access to users in that group.

Hardware Failure: I would like to think it really is a failed drive, rather than 
software error.

Looks like I have another round of head scratching over the weekend.
Action list.
1. Try a bootable CD. - Is the drive working properly?
2. Check user is in groups for optical and storage. Wrong group perhaps?
3. Enable udevs debugging and logging. - why aren't the mount points created?
4. Turn off AppArmour on CDROM - blocked by security settings?

Thanks I now have more ideas to work with.



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