[Wiltshire] Wiltshire Digest, Vol 97, Issue 4

John Carlyle-Clarke john at wormdrive.net
Sun Jan 9 20:27:03 UTC 2011

On 09/01/11 16:31, Scott Anderson wrote:
> Hi,
> Sort of new to the list; I'm a moderator and general do-er for
> Peppermint OS (http://peppermintos.com); I've not been active on this
> list thus far since I have been out of work and as such unable to afford
> to attend meetings and so forth.
> I should like to but I am based in Salisbury and, given the time that is
> set for the meeting I can't justify the return ticket on the train for
> what would amount to coming to say "hello" and then leaving again. The
> time is simply too late.
> Best wishes,
> Scott.

Hi Scott.

Welcome to the list :)

That looks like an interesting project!

At the risk of re-opening an old can of worms, how about a Salisbury 
meeting?  It doesn't have to be a regular thing, it could just be and 
ad-hoc, one-off.

Dorset LUG has started Blandford ones recently, and they are going 
pretty well.  For me, it's been nice to actually do a few face to face 
meetings after years of list/IRC stuff, as Bournemouth ones have always 
been hard to get to. Swindon is even more remote from here.

Also, I'm now working in Salisbury (I live out in the sticks near 
Shaftesbury) and so attending a meeting would be easier as I could just 
work late and then attend.

So, how about it?  There was some interest in the past.  I bet Reash 
would be up for it.


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