[Wiltshire] Wiltshire Digest, Vol 97, Issue 4 (swindon meetings).

John Carlyle-Clarke john at wormdrive.net
Wed Jan 12 01:33:02 UTC 2011

On 12/01/11 00:19, Roger Fletcher wrote:
> Simon Fryer wrote:
>   >  Which brings us back to the first point... The easyest way to not pay
>> the Windows tax is probably to build the box yourself... Which is
>> difficult if you need a laptop.
> Has anyone tried one of the "No OS" laptops that ebuyer sells?  The
> cheapest comes in at just under £300 to the door.

http://zareason.com/ say they ship overseas and seem to provide a 
warranty as well.  Also, http://www.novatech.co.uk/ seem to be a popular 
choice too.

There are a few more on http://nakedcomputers.org/category/europe/uk/

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