[Wiltshire] Wired West - talk on Cloud Computing

Simon Iremonger (wiltslug) wiltslug at iremonger.me.uk
Wed Jan 26 20:24:12 UTC 2011

On 2011-01-26 20:08, Dianne Reuby wrote:
> Forgot to mention it's free!
> Dianne

... my reliable informants tell me 'cloud computing' is
  one of those buzzwords that turns up and doesn't really
  fundamentally change anything...  Just a word made up
  to describe a trend / selling-idea...

I can't be there but I'd be interested to hear about the
  potential negative-aspects, if anybody asks about them,
  privacy/security, 'locus of control' and 'no access to
  underlying information', 'forced upgrades', slow access
  times, no physical control/local-backup, unwanted cross-
  user data security vulnerabilities on shared systems,
  loss of locally handled audit-trail, ....

Of course there is the positive 'share the costs of the
  hosting' and 'central maintenance' and 'patching handled
  remotely' sorts of potentially-positive aspects.  etc...


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