[Wiltshire] Local IT services requested

Scott Anderson anderson.scott20 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 21:56:09 UTC 2011

Hello WLUG,

I am curious as to reliable, good value business to business IT
service and support companies operating in or around Salisbury? I
realize I could look in the Yellow Pages or online but I was wondering
if anybody could provide me with reliable testimonials as to good
local companies. Of necessity would be Windows administration and
support*, and networking, including file serving to multiple machines
at an office and at employees' homes. Of almost necessity would be
companies able to provide office-hours telephone support, installation
and configuration of software, and naturally those offering the best
value for money. Desirable would be companies happy working with small
businesses (<10 employees).

If anyone on the list were able to make a recommendation, then please
feel free to email me personally, or to the list itself of course.

Many thanks!


* I realize that this is a Linux list -- that doesn't mean to say that
those on the list don't work with Windows or not know about good local
companies who are able to ;-)

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