[Wiltshire] IPV6

Simon Iremonger wiltslug at iremonger.me.uk
Tue Mar 8 03:20:00 UTC 2011

> "Just spoke with the broadband guys in the office and they have both 
> informed me that IPV 6 will definitely happen in the next few months but 
> there has been no concrete date put in place as yet."

Hrrm.. but do they have any real testing going on?
Or is this just 'we will start to think about it then'...?
   ... and then find all the incompatible UBR equipment and
   home-brew management-tools that need fixing and ....... ?

> Who can hold their breath the largest number of months?
You can always setup a tunnel of vairous forms.
If you have a static-enough IP-address   nothing beats
   he.net  free tunnelbroker...   Otherwise, gogonet have a
   facility for ayiya udp tunnel..  dynamic-udp.....

I just... put OpenWRT on an AR7-based dsl router and connect
   native ipv6+ipv4 dual stack works nicely.. routed through
   to a second router, etc...  to Xen virtual machines too...
   And.. Have no trouble establisting a 6in4 tunnel to college

Even set up a  http://www.test-ipv6.co.uk/  alternative to
   the test-ipv6.com  site..  both useful in their own ways....

I wonder how much there will be spent on ''consultancy'' for v6
   compatibility upgrades and all that...    in the same sort
   of way as year-2000...  are we going to see its-all-going-to
   -break panic in the same sort of way....   puzzle!!!

> D

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