[Wiltshire] IPV6

John Carlyle-Clarke john at wormdrive.net
Tue Mar 8 12:21:55 UTC 2011

On 08/03/11 12:08, Robert Longbottom wrote:
> What about things like domestic switches?  I have a 5 port and an 8 port
> Netgear gigabit switches?  Does these already understand IPV6? Can you
> upgrade the firmware on them, or will I end up throwing them away.  Do
> switches like that even care about IPV4 vs IPV6?

Hi Robert-

Switches are Layer 2 devices normally, so are unaware of IP.  Some of 
them have a management interface (usually HTTP) so that may be an issue, 
but since that only needs to be accessed locally the fact that it may be 
IPv4 only shouldn't pose an issue.


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