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Simon Iremonger wiltslug at iremonger.me.uk
Wed Mar 9 09:49:38 UTC 2011

> The most imprtant thing he says is about compatibility addresses, this 
> had to be the case or it will all fall over. I will add further to the 
> early windows scare (MS cockup, they did know about IPV6) and remind you

I think this is an important oversight/confusion unfortuntaley.

The "compatibility address" is just used so an IPv6-socket-application
   can connect to IPv4 clients without also opening and IPv4-socket.

On-the-wire,  its' still IPv4 or IPv6 -- they do NOT normally
If you run an IPv4 server it NEEDS to also have an IPv6 address if it is
   to be reachable from IPv6-only clients.  "compatibilty address" does
   not fix this ;-).  You can get translating load-balancers and stuff
   but... that gets 'interesting' ;-).

There are all sorts of messy tranlation mechanisms, but they shouldn't
   be relied up, in what locations, etc etc... argh...

> that those running very old red hat, debian, slackware etc, servers that 
> just sit in a corner and hum away will also need some attention.
;-).  Indeed!

> Guy

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