[Wiltshire] Home server OS?

Jake Davies jdavies.thfc at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 23:18:34 UTC 2011

Hey guys!

I'm leaving for university on Thursday -- studying Computer Science. 
(big surprise hey?)

I've got an old but faithful Toshiba Celeron "craptop" that's running XP 
and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Since torrents may be blocked at uni, I can't 
download all those distros! Perhaps I could use the laptop with 
rTorrent, and scp/ftp them across?

I've only had experience with Ubuntu and Arch Linux (my main distro at 
the mo') -- what'd the best distro for a "home server" be? I'll just 
have it plugged into the router, so I have little requirements (no 
wifi/graphics needed), but as a CS student I may want somewhere to serve 
any ghastly PHP I write, or host other crap, perhaps backup, whatever 
slavery servers do. I was either thinking Debian stable or Ubuntu 
server. I only have 'til Thursday to get things up and running

Any suggestions ideas/distro/server wise? I'd plan to firstly backup 
data and then nuke the drive using dban or similar.

D. Jake Davies

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