[Wiltshire] Router Problem

GPennington GPennington at teccosol.co.uk
Mon Sep 26 19:29:56 UTC 2011

Hi All,
     As it seems to be router problem time I wonder if anyone can 
diagnose mine.

     I have 2 adsl modem routers.  One is a cheap and cheerful "Guru" 
that is wired.
      The other is a BT business hub, although I am not with BT, which 
is wireless and 4 ports.

     If my linux box, either wired or wireless, connects to the BT 
router, firefox cannot bring up some web pages,
     for example www.ebay.com

     Some work, some don't.

     I can bring up www.autotrader.co.uk but the ajax selection boxes 
which update with choices you make just hang.

     I can receive emails but cannot send emails.

     If I unplug that router and go back to my old wired one - 
everything works fine.

     Simple answer problem with the BT modem router, but...

     My wife has a windows laptop for work.
     When she connects via wireless and uses a browser eg ie, firefox or 
chrome on windows,
     it works perfectly.

     Anybody got any ideas?


P.S.    I am currently using Fedora 15 with KDE (After 10 years with Gnome!)

         I have also had the same problem with other versions of Fedora.

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