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Greg Browne greg.browne at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 23:19:33 UTC 2012

ASUS EEEPC 1005PEB, 10" screen, atom processor, was easy to upgrade from 1
to 2GB. Came with 250GB HDD so I just resized the Win 7 partition and
installed first Mint 10.04 then Xubuntu 11.10. Installed smoothly, no
tweeks required except for annoying screen saver and all works very well
and quickly. Have had it 18 months now. Very pleased. Have puppy linux on
1GB SD card, in SD slot, for that occasional bit of disk maintenance, ie
reconsidering partition size etc. Greg

PS Tried Ubuntu 11.10 but didn't get on with the desktop, (Unity?) hence

On 12 February 2012 21:58, Simon Iremonger (wiltslug) <
wiltslug at iremonger.me.uk> wrote:

> > I understand it is easy to get at the memory in all the netbooks.
> Thinking about this, yes.
> I happen to have a silly Old EEEPC which doesn't have the removeable
>  cover such that you have to take it all apart and take the
>  motherboard out, just to change the RAM/mini-pci-card/etc. *but*
>  that isn't *normally* the case.
> Thinking further, remember that 64bits is of benefit for systems
>  with over 3gb ram (but that PAE linux kernels can still use
>  64gb in 32bits mode, across the system).
> I would definitely consider/look-into AMD Bobcat options, as
>  well as the Intel Atom variants....
> e.g. in another context a "Acer Iconia Tab w500" was suggested
>  as a Tablet-computer with a bobcat in it...
> > Have fun! David
> --Simon
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