[Wiltshire] Suitable netbooks

Greg Browne greg.browne at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 09:36:09 UTC 2012

I have tried lubuntu in the past. From memory, xubuntu 11:10 worked better
but the big plus was that it installed seamlessly and so did all my apps. I
had problems with earlier versions of ubuntu, setting up the intel graphic
chip that seems to be associated with atom motherboards and also some
trouble with the wifi settings. Xubuntu also seems very stable on this
netbook. Greg

On 12 February 2012 18:59, Simon Iremonger (wiltslug) <
wiltslug at iremonger.me.uk> wrote:

> > PS Tried Ubuntu 11.10 but didn't get on with the desktop, (Unity?) hence
> > Xubuntu
> These days,  Lubuntu works better as low-resource system than
>  xubuntu, but wouldn't be surprised if xubuntu is better
>  integrated.
> Ubuntu seems to have got into quite a "it breaks in many ways"
>  state ;-(.  I choose to reserve judgement until I see what
>  the 12.04 LTS version is like, however....
> Some like derivatives like mint, others like existing Debian
>  (which won't have a new release in a while), etc...
> Fun times...
> --Simon
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