[Wiltshire] Wanted, crt monitor

David Fletcher dave at thefletchers.net
Sat Jan 21 23:41:25 UTC 2012

On Sat, 2012-01-21 at 23:05 +0000, Chris Covell wrote:
> Hey guys, trying to get my mame cab back up and running after a couple
> of house moves. My problem is that my 19inch crt has given up.
> Has anyone got a 19 or bigger crt hanging around they don't want
> anymore? I know it is a long shot.
> Cheers
> Chris
Sometimes you see CRT monitors offered on free cycle, but these days I
think it might be turning more to the flat panel ones. Somebody was
offering a Dell one a couple of days ago, still shrink wrapped.

Why do you need a CRT? I bought a Samsung 1600x1200 LCD years ago and I
wouldn't swap it for one of the old ones, oh no!


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