[Wiltshire] Wanted, crt monitor

Greg Browne greg.browne at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 22:04:01 UTC 2012

Can't help with the joystick, but looks a good project. I got distracted by
your ride along the canal. There is a old lock gate in the grass by the
lock, if you ferret around a a bit and the aquaduct is worth a closer
inspection. Not many of those around here. Apologies for the off topic
post. Greg

2012/1/22 Philip McGaw <Philip at mcgaw.eu>

> Give a modern Flat Panel a go; the problems with them should be much less;
> than on older ones.
> What are you using to interface your buttons / Joy stick etc to your host
> machine?
> Have a look at this project of mine:
> skippy.org.uk/projects/accessible-keyboard/ (any help or ideas would be
> appreciated).
> Regards
> Skippy
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