[Wiltshire] Need help with BIOS

gordon gordon.s1 at btinternet.com
Tue Jul 3 08:31:17 UTC 2012

Hi there folks,
Have been given a PC with corrupted BIOS !.
The M/C is a Dell Precision 390 with Dual core, nice M/C.
This had run "JailBreak" the one to allow other apps other than Apple 
ones to run on iPad/iPhone.
BUT this one also puts Trojans on BIOS or CD's/USB's as well !.
Have reflashed BIOS but there's still a problem.
M/C will run Linux/Ubuntu OK so my question is:- Is there a routine that 
can be ran from Linux to :-
1. Determine size of BIOS ?.
2. Overwrite BIOS prior to reinstall ?.
3. Verify contents of BIOS.

This for a Linux novice,
thanks in advance Gordon.

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