[Wiltshire] Linux laser printers?

Kevin Milburn wiltslug at kmilburn.force9.co.uk
Thu Jan 3 00:53:37 UTC 2013

On Thursday 03 Jan 2013 00:15:55 David Fletcher wrote:

> This is crazy! I'm using Printerland as a reference of current,
> available products and can't find any colour laser from HP, Brother,
> Samsung or Epson that's listed by CUPS. I've just been playing around
> with the CUPS web interface on the server. Also been on the avasys site
> looking for Epson ppd files and they all miss the part numbers I can
> buy.
> Your P1102 is there but it's a mono.
> Is there no simple way to use a current model printer with Linux?

It can be simple,  if the right things are installed.

For HP printers,  it's probably best to use the HPLIP tools directly as they 
also deal with downloading any firmware that's required.  
The only snag is  they usually want the printer attached!

>From a quick check on the following link, it has all of the HP colour  
printers listed as supported that I tried (except the CP1525).


>From checking my installations model data,  the CP1525 is listed

As for the other makes,  you may have to locate the PPD files manually!


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