[Wiltshire] Linux laser printers?

Simon Iremonger (wiltslug) wiltslug at iremonger.me.uk
Thu Jan 3 11:34:42 UTC 2013

> I assume that anything that does Postscript and has a USB socket will
> print documents for me. Correct?
> What I also want to be able to do though is use Gutenprint with the Gimp
> to print graphics.
> I've been looking at something like the HP Laserjet CP1525n but I can't
> find it mentioned in Gutenprint.
> Dave

My experience with modernish HP laser printers has been that:-
* Some are rather happier using PCL rather than Postscript.
    (e.g  HP 1320 )
* Some a rather happier using Postscript rather than PCL.
    (e.g. HP P3005 )

Those with Network-connected-printers, I have found, seem
  to have no trouble.  They tend to like to implement
  "jetdirect" protocol by speaking to them on TCP Port 9100.

Also, solong as they really are one of those HP printers
  that supports PCL or Postscript, you are bound to be
  able to get it to work with or without the exact PPD
  description, a 'similiar enough' one will be fine.
I use a Brother Mono Laser but tell my computer its'
  a  HP LaserJet 4  to workaround some printing bug =).

Some 3rd party data sheet on that HP printer you say
  seems to suggest HP PCL 6 and Postscript Level 3.

But, I can't find it listed on www.openprinting.org
  "printer database". puzzle =).


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