[Wiltshire] Installing Ubuntu

Simon Iremonger (wiltslug) wiltslug at iremonger.me.uk
Wed Apr 2 20:36:02 UTC 2014

> Funnily enough, I nearly went for Mint but didn't know enough to feel safe, so I have a Ubuntu laptop now.

Theres' a good argument that it doesn't matter what you use
at first, so long as it works for you...   Importantly
you learn and experience and ask questions and think
and try things =).

Often, treat this as a system to break and then replace
with next install/version at a later date when you have
better idea what you are doing and what matters =).

> I had to stick with Ms for the sake of business compatibility.

You can run "VirtualBox" or similar and run Windows inside
that in a "Virtual Machine" that can be useful for some,
to run such programs, although wine and all sorts of options
are available...  Depends very very much what you mean
exactly and what you need exactly, as to what options are


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