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Ben BenAtNofixedAbode at lineone.net
Sun Dec 2 13:53:13 UTC 2018

> I started to load Ubuntu on an HP Pro 3130
        with an empty hard disk > and reached a point where I needed to
        click to continue but the machine > froze and I couldn't progress.
        I waited for some time and, eventually, > I switched the pc off.
        Now, I just get a black screen, whether I have> the ubuntu stick
        inserted or not. Can you help?
    Not ideal, what version of Ubuntu? Try one or more of the following
1. Just try again sometimes things go wrong2. Sounds like you using an image on a USB stick, try burning a CD/DVD and installing from that, I've tended to find install from CD more reliable than install from USB3. Try downloading and installing using the Alternate Installer, if your Ubuntu version has one.

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