[Wolves] keymapping

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Dec 3 10:20:00 2002

Chris Ball spoo'd forth:
> in relation to this, since my keyboard has extra keys for like volume and 
> stuff, is there a way of mapping these to excecute commands/programs 

*Here* is where you use xev. :)

Fire it up in X and hit those keys to see  if  they  generate  anything. 
Then you can use xmodmap as Peter demonstrated  to  map  those  keys  to 
generate a keysym of some description, and then  map  those  keysyms  in 
your window manager to do things.

If the keys don't generate anything under xev, go  thou  to  Google  and 
search for your keyboard, and see if there's  some  kind  of  driver  or 
userland utility to see the extra keys...


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