[Wolves] IP Masq Success!!

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Dec 3 10:42:02 2002

Dan spoo'd forth: 
> IIRC iptables has an ipchains compatibility module.
> IIRC.  :)
> Though quite why anyone would want to use it is beyond me.  Iptables is 
> far superior IMHO.  Pfft!  May as well use ipfwadm... ;)

I don't use any of it any more, because Smoothwall does it all ;)

Having said this, giles still *runs* my old firewall script from  before 
I was using smoothwall, which means every time I log in I get  a  screen 
full of spam about how ipchains isn't supported on a 2,4 kernel ;)

>> That makes sense, although surely eth0 will be connected to  your  cable
>> modem?
> It doesn't really matter does it?  As long as dhcpd is set up correctly... 

True, but he's not runnnig dhcpd yet :)


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